On Tap

Our Mudhook Brewing Company features six Craft Brews on tap, which change seasonally plus local wines. Here’s our current lineup.

Wild River Weizen  Our straw-hued, unflitered Hefeweizen is as free of burdens as a Wild River itself. Named for the primitive, untouched waters out there just waiting to be discovered, this simple light wheat-based brew is perfect for any season.  5% ABV  / 17 IBU  16 oz. $5  /  23 oz. $7

Oktoberfest  A light German fest style lager, our Oktoberfest features traditional light toasted malts that make it a smooth, clean, easy drinking beer. It’s brewed for and worthy of celebration!   5% ABV  / 20 IBU  $5.50

Sunken Punken  A rich brown ale, our Sunken Punken is brewed with dark malts that impart the flavors of carmelized sugar and the graham cracker crust of a smooth pumpkin pie, highlighted by the spices of the season including cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.   5% ABV  /  26 IBU  $5.50

Hook Bender Double IPA  Weighing in at 115 IBU, our heavyweight Hook Bender Double IPA is not for the faint of heart. Brewed with Summit, Cascade and Chinook hops and then double dry hopped, you’ll need to set your drag for a fine fight with this big fish brew that packs enough punch to bend your hook!     8% ABV  / 115 IBU    $5

Redeye Irish Red  An easy drinking, malt-focused beer, our Irish Red has an initial sweetness and a roasted  dryness in the finish. Low hop bitterness and a clean, smooth texture make this one of your everyday favorites.    5.5% ABV  /  20 IBU      $5

Deep Sea Stout  Dark as the depths of the sea, yet smooth as the water surface on a calm day. A healthy helping of chocolate malt and roasted barley give this stout a bold roasted malt flavor that complements and highlights the American hops that define this distinctive brew.                   7% ABV  /  60 IBU     $5

The Mudhook FlightThe Mudhook Flight    $11
Enjoy a taste of each of our one-of-a-kind craft brews with the Mudhook Sampler paddle. (Up to six samples depending on availability.)


Wine by the Glass

Merlot – $7.50
Supple and fruit-forward Merlot with deep rich flavors, aged in French oak barrels for 10 months.

Chardonnay – $6.50
Stylish dry varietal, cold-fermented in stainless steel, then aged in French oak barrels.

Harmony – $5.50
Evokes your sweetest memory of purple grapes.

Riesling – $6.50
German-style crisp summer white, fresh and light

Cabernet – $8.00
French oak-aged hearty varietal from grapes grown at Allegro Vineyards (67%) and Fiore (33%).

Suite – $5.50
White grapes’ sweet burst of flavor, captured in a light wine; to be enjoyed like fresh fruit.

Serenade – $6.75
An Asti style sparkling wine perfect for any occasion.

Prelude – $6.00
A dry rose-style wine made from a blend of Allegro Vineyard’s Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc fermentations.

Vidal Blanc – $6.00
A semi-sweet white wine filled with lush flavors.

Mimosa – $5.50
Allegro’s sweet sparkling Serenade blended with orange juice.

 – All of our wines are from locally owned Allegro Vineyards of Brogue, PA.
– Select wines are subject to limited availability -