On Tap

Mudhook Brewing Company features Fresh Seasonal Craft Brews on tap plus Local Wines and Cider. Here’s our current lineup.

NEW! Oktoberfest  The Season is On!  $6

NEW! Sunken Orchard Peach Wheat!  5.5% ABV  / 15 IBU  $6

Maibock  7.0% ABV  / 31 IBU  $6

School’s Out of Session IPA  Lower alcohol IPA brewed with Bravo hops for hints of orange, floral and subtle fruity flavors.  4.5% ABV  / 49 IBU  $6

Wild River Weizen  Straw-hued, unfiltered, wheat based Hefeweizen.       5% ABV  / 17 IBU  16 oz. $5  /  23 oz. $7

Redeye Irish Red  Roasty, malt-focused Irish Red.                              5.5% ABV  /  20 IBU   $5

Hook Bender Double IPA  Balanced but hop forward after being double dry hopped.  Features Summit, Cascade & Chinook hops.                           8% ABV  / 115 IBU  $5

Midnight Cast  Deceptively dark and flavored with Midnight wheat and chocolate malts with earthy, spicy hops.  5.7% ABV  /  53 IBU    $5

Deep Sea Stout  Dark, smooth, bold roasted chocolate malt flavor.             7% ABV  /  60 IBU   $5

The Mudhook FlightThe Mudhook Flight:  Enjoy a taste of six pre-selected brews for $11.  P.Y.O. Flights:  Choose any three for $6.50 or any six for $13.


Wine & Cider by the Glass

  • Merlot  Supple and fruit-forward Merlot with deep rich flavors, aged in French oak barrels for 10 months. $6.50
  • Chardonnay  Stylish dry varietal, cold-fermented in stainless steel, then aged in French oak barrels. $6.50
  • Harmony  Evokes your sweetest memory of purple grapes.  $5.50
  • Brogue Blush  Fruity pink pleaser with the versatile appeal of a White Zinfandel. $5.50
  • Riesling  German-style crisp summer white, fresh and light. $6.50
  • Suite  White grapes’ sweet burst of flavor, captured in a light wine; to be enjoyed like fresh fruit. $5.50
  • Serenade  An Asti style sparkling wine perfect for any occasion. $6.75
  • Vidal Blanc  A semi-sweet white wine filled with lush flavors. $6.50
  • Cabernet  French oak-aged hearty varietal from grapes grown at Allegro Vineyards (67%) and Fiore (33%). $7.00
  • Mimosa  Allegro’s sweet sparkling Serenade blended with orange juice. $5.50
  • Crafty Cider*  A clean semi-sweet hard apple cider. $5.50  (* Bottled or on draft when available)
  • Crafty Cranberry Cider*  A fresh clean cranberry hard apple cider, with real cranberry juice. $5.50  (* Bottled or on draft when available)

 – All of our wines are from locally owned Allegro Vineyards of Brogue, PA. All cider is from locally owned Wynridge Farms of Dallastown, PA.
– Select wine & cider subject to limited availability -

Beer Cocktails


  • Black Velvet  Deep Sea Stout blended with Allegro’s Serenade sparkling winde. $6.00
  • Pink Hopper Hook Hopper IPA & pink grapefruit juice. $5.00
  • Sea Cider  Deep Sea Stout & apple cider. $5.00
  • Hefenade  Wild River Weizen & lemonade. $5.00