About Us

Mudhook Brewing Company is a locally owned brew pub in York, Pennsylvania, featuring craft brewed beer and appetizers, salads, specialty pub burgers and sandwiches and more.

Expect a casual atmosphere, consistently good brews, and quality food on a daily basis and some live entertainment and special events throughout the year.

Looking forward to seeing you at the pub & cheers!

But wait, What’s a Mudhook?

Well, when we started this venture, we had to ask ourselves: “What do we want our pub to be about?” Good beer, Good food, and Good company for sure. But we were also thinking bolder. We wanted to play a big part in anchoring the Central Market House as one of the premier places to go in downtown York, Pa. And what do you know, a “mudhook” is another name for an anchor…

Now before you say it, of course you’re right, Mudhook’s logo is a fishhook, not an anchor. So where did the fish hook come from? Well, that too came from the question, “What do we want our pub to be about?” And since Mudhook’s founders are rooted in the lakes and streams of Pennsylvania, a “muddy hook” just seemed like a natural fit.

So without further ado, Mudhook Brewing Company became just that – Mudhook’s.

Thanks for being a part of our story with every pint you drink.

Mudhook Brewing Company